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We Will Protect Your Home From Lightning 🌩

  • Over a Decade’s Experience in Lightning Arrester Installation
  • Central Power Research Institute of India Certified ESE Terminal
  • ISI Specified Down Conductor & Earthing
  • 20 Years Warranty

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    Instead of putting it off, put your lightning protection into the expert hands of Rapid Tech Solutions. Our fast, efficient testing and jargon-free reporting will bring you peace of mind, knowing your building is fully compliant and lightning protected. The ESE Terminal we use has CPRI, IAS, and NABL certification from the Government Of India. Our ESE lightning rods trigger spark-over in advance and become the preferential impact point. The simplicity of its design and operation combined with its qualitative manufacture and assembly allows us to provide a 20-year warranty.


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    “We specify Rapid products in many of our projects because of the quality of the products and the strong technical support services they offer. Rapid Tech Solutions provides a truly comprehensive solution in the area of lightning protection.”

    Shiju Hameed

    “Thank you for your system. Prior to its installation, we had suffered several lightning strikes, Since we’ve used your lightning protection system, we have had no problems whatsoever!”

    Sunil Kumbalath

    “Our resort is at 5,000 ft. elevation at Munnar, with a metal roof. The building was struck directly many times each season… We came to Rapid Tech Solutions to solve a Lightning Protection problem that everyone else said could not be solved. We have had no direct strikes since the installation

    Aneesh Abraham

    “This is the second house we’ve built and you’ve put systems on both of them while they were being built. It gives us such peace of mind. I don’t think we could live in a house without one…We know lightning struck our house but we had absolutely no damages–the system you had installed worked!”

    Leelamma Mathew

    “Thank you so much for your prompt and professional attention to the installation of a lightning protection system on my house. Your careful attention and care in all parts of the installation were evident and appreciated.”

    Tony mathew
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    Frequantly Asked Questions

    What is a lightning protection system and how does it work?2020-10-10T18:13:10+05:30

    The highly conductive copper and aluminum materials used in a lightning protection system provide a low resistance path to safely ground lightning’s dangerous electricity. These materials and components are UL-listed and specially manufactured for lightning protection. When a lightning protection grounding network is in place, the strike is intercepted and directed to ground without impact to the structure, occupants or contents.

    Do trees protect structures from lightning?2020-10-10T18:14:44+05:30

    No. Wood is not conducive material for lightning. In many cases, lightning can side-flash from a tree and hit a nearby structure. In addition, lightning travelling along tree roots can enter a structure by jumping onto a nearby telephone, cable and electrical lines, introducing harmful surges. Lightning can also injure a tree from a direct strike that can cause heavy limbs to split and fall onto a nearby structure.

    Do lightning rods attract lightning?2020-10-10T18:17:06+05:30

    No. This is a common misconception about lightning protection. Lightning protection systems and strike termination devices (rods) simply intercept a lightning strike and provide a safe and effective path that takes lightning’s harmful electricity to ground. Lightning will strike a location whether there is lightning protection in place or not. When a system is in place it provides a preferential low resistance path for lightning from its intercept location to a ground destination. A lightning protection system directs lightning’s harmful current to ground, instead of it travelling through a building’s plumbing or electrical system.

    Can I install my own lightning protection?2020-10-10T18:18:20+05:30

    Lightning protection is not a do-it-yourself project. Only experienced and reputable LPI-certified lightning protection contractors should install lightning protection systems. Qualified specialists use UL-listed materials and ensure that methods of installation comply with nationally recognized Safety Standards of LPI, NFPA and UL. Design and installation is typically not within the scope of expertise held by homeowners, electricians, general contractors or roofers. Only trained experts, like LPI-certified contractors that specialize in lightning protection, should install these systems.

    Are lightning protection systems expensive?2020-10-10T18:20:08+05:30

    Lightning protection is an affordable amenity that offers protection against a leading cause of property damage. While pricing generally runs less than 1% of the value of the structure, costs for protection vary depending on the size of the structure, location, construction, roof type and grounding conditions. As a rule of thumb, lightning protection is typically less expensive than other building systems and amenities like security, plumbing, generators and speciality lighting fixtures. Contact us on any below number to know more about pricing.




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